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Old 06-03-2009, 02:47 PM
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Default Having problems updating the new Java? here's how to fix it.

Okay, I recently received a laptop with windows vista on it, and I immediately downloaded Wyvern on it. I wanted to change my settings on my wyvern client for various reasons, so i tried to go to edit/settings. However, my client would crash immediately every time i tried this. The problem was obviously the old 1.4.2 Java version still running the client.

After trying several different things, I found the solution to get the new Java 6 version to adjust to the wyvern client. After downloading the newest Java version, you go to your program files (if you have a program files x86 folder, this is the folder it would be in). From there, you should either have a Javasoft folder and a Java folder or just a Java folder. If you have the Javasoft folder, look in there and see if the folder says "jre1.4.2." if so, delete the entire Javasoft folder. If not, look in the Java folder. if it has the jre1.4.2 folder in there, delete that folder. After this, reinstall your client. From here, the problem should be fixed and you should have free reign to your settings.

I hope this post helps at least a few people, it is a fairly simple solution so that you can actually edit your settings. If there are any complications please post it on here.
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