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Old 04-20-2008, 06:31 PM
Kajarang Kajarang is offline

Join Date: Apr 2008
Kajarang has just set foot in the Tutorial Tower
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Default Rogue Build

I've attempted to make a rogue class many times before but always get stuck on the guild quest test. No this isn't related to the quest so wizards dont think it is.

Anyone that reads these posts if you've ever made a decent lvled rogue enlighten me on a build I can base mine off of that I will soon be creating.
- Kajarang - Mage - Lvl:25
Old 04-04-2009, 08:30 PM
Fail Fail is offline

Join Date: Apr 2009
Fail has just set foot in the Tutorial Tower
Default Level 21 Rogue

heres my build on Vonad... Human Rogue

21 blades
10 lore
10 incantation
13 strength
15 find-weakness
5 merchant (choice) if not... +5 med, or +5 healing
5 healing
5 meditation

Remember... this is only at level 21, you'd have another 16 points at level 25 to spend.
Old 06-19-2009, 02:15 PM
Kabroz's Avatar
Kabroz Kabroz is offline

Join Date: Apr 2007
Kabroz has just set foot in the Tutorial Tower

*Shrug* Might as well

Before, when spam healing was possible (heh)

1 Blacksmith (for armor appraisal)
25 Blades
14 Incan
5 Lore (healing, remove curse and whatnot)
3 Med (I'm a halfing, so 4 med total )
20 FW
5 Merch
15 Life (10, after -5 from guild D
12 Strength (use str pot for 17)

Of course that doesn't work anymore... so... after healing "fix" Pt. 1

1 Blacksmith
25 blades
10 Lore (for Heal)
15 Life (I self resisted <.>)
7 Incan
10 Merch
20 FW
3 Med (still 4)
9 Strength (str pots, again)

And now even that is weird :P, as heal now aborts when fighting... But it can be avoided with this. *

1 Blacksmith (optional, really, it's just for my... appeasement)
25 Blades
3 Lore (dispels [cure poison is a life saver], not self resisting anymore :P)
5 Life (to get life to 0, **)
7 Incan
10 Merch
20 Fw
13 Med
6 Healing
10 Str

* - use mana shield pots, and scrolls/bravery pots for resists
** - something about -s in magic later on that might bite me in the butt if I don't allot skills for it :S (not sure that it is needed now, at this time.)

Also, keep in mind that I'm lvl 27, so those sets are based on what I would have if I was lvl 25 ...... Enjoy!

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