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Old 03-25-2008, 07:34 AM
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Default Archer's Handbook

Archer's Handbook
by Sagittarius

Lore: 3
You'll want to train this to level 3 as soon as possible so that you can learn mana shield, which will be your primary defense as an archer.

Merchant: 5
This is also very important, but not as important as Lore and Spirit Magic. I wouldn't start training this until you've got Spirit Magic to level 4 atleast.

Ranged Weapons: Same as your level.
Keep this at the same level as your character.

Spirit Magic: 7
This will greatly improve your defense, as you'll be relying on mana shield to stay alive. I suggest you get this to level 4 as soon as possible after you've gotten Lore to level 3.

Find-weakness: All remaining skill points.
Put all of your extra skill points into this. Make sure Ranged Weapons is at your level first. Also, don't start training this until you've gotten the other skills to the specified levels, as it will severely throw you off if you do...

Get Lore to level 3.
Get Spirit Magic to level 4.
Get Merchant to level 5.
Keep Ranged Weapons at your level.
Put all remaining skill points into Find-weakness.
Whatever works.
Old 03-27-2008, 05:18 AM
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Meditation to keep that Mana Shield up?

Melee skill to avoid getting owned when you're forced into a wall?

Maybe even a few Strength points for carrying?

Just a few things you might be missing.
Old 03-27-2008, 11:08 AM
Jessikha Jessikha is offline

Join Date: Feb 2008
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Although I do believe a melee skill is a necessary back-up for an archer, never underestimate teleport/blink when you're pinned somewhere.

Anywho, you will want a back-up melee skill that does different type damage than arrows. Since arrows do stab, try swords (for cut) or clubs (for smash).

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