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Suggestions Post any suggestions for new Wyvern content here that is too complicated to explain in the idea log or that you want to first get feedback on from other players.

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Old 07-02-2010, 12:47 AM
orionsbane orionsbane is offline

Join Date: May 2007
Location: spokane wa
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Default a ideia to make it easier to play this game on handheld devices.

well thinking about this game and what is both good and bad about it.
one of the small things that is annoying is how much typing is required in order to cast a spell or make a alias. or do simple things.
so a idea i have is simply make drop down lists for all the commands
say when you type alias i will give u a drop down of the next command which is into (list of items in your inventory such as bag, cloak of thieving, gem pouch etc that) you can now click on instead of type.
it could also be relatively simple to implement as lists and order is a common feature of databases and even some programing languages.
knowing this game is programmed in java # or at least that is what i have heard i have found a tutorial on how to create a simple drop down box.
probably not exactly what would be required but its a decent reference.

if you are using mysql for the database or mssql then it would be even easier if that is how the commands are designed. but that would depend on how this game is programmed which i dont know, and prying it open im sure would be against any terms of use.

so pros of this.
less typing and easier learning curve for new players.

you could clean up the buttons on the interface making the game look more modern.

it just would make the game look and play easier without a keyboard which will make it more popular for say a mobile device.
and thinking of this game it should either be advertised as a web game (and make it launch from a web app with integration into something like facebook if you wanted to get more players) or as a mobile game so that people will not feel so put of by the graphics and classic feel since its on a phone or pocket pc. just my personal opinion on it since i like the game a lot but dont necessarily see it being very successful as a computer game since computer games have gotten more and more graphically oriented.
Old 07-02-2010, 11:51 AM
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Machuno Besar Machuno Besar is offline

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Machuno Besar has just set foot in the Tutorial Tower

This could be done on the client side to reduce server load, but the client hasn't been developed in years.

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