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Originally Posted by Ovrlndnsea View Post
One thing that can be said for you is your skills at ignoring players who have a good, unanswerable point.
What point? From what I remember of your post it was one big bash fest that was filled with insults and lined with a childish attitude about everything. I have no interest in responding to such a post as; A) It is clear (to me) that you have no interest in establishing a rational dialogue, and B) You aren't someone I feel could potentially benefit from going over the facts. Those are the types of posts I respond to and I do so only because I want to - I feel it helps players when wizards openly respond to their comments whenever they are inclined to do so.

The thing, though, is that if you think I have nothing better to do than be goaded into responding to something like that just you can you continue to act that way in follow up posts, you are mistaken. But, if you feel that you have valid points that you want addressed, you are welcome to take a stab at editing your post so it comes across as if an adult wrote it. Just keep in mind that if you wish to continue to believe that no matter how you act, you deserve a response, I'm going to continue to not want to deal with you. Otherwise, I will give an edited version a second look and if it then is something I want to reply to, I will (I never had any issue over responding to certain "points," only with the way they were presented).

That said, I don't reply to everything to begin with - This is a forum, not a private message between the two of us. If you post something, even if it's directed toward me, anyone can reply (including players) and so sometimes I leave things alone because I want someone else to deal with it. This idea that I have to respond to everything (especially after all the replying I do - 14 posts in this thread alone) is absurd. As a player, in previous games, I used to listen to what the admins said, retain that knowledge, and then respond to other players when they made posts like the ones I've been replying to in this thread. Players in this game can do the same instead of making me repeat myself as much as I do and since I assume you can all think for yourselves, there are plenty of things players can respond to that a wizard hasn't previously talked about. But, apparently, I post too much since some of you have come to not only expect me to always do this, but demand I do. Maybe I should stop altogether if that's the case - I get that this is a small community so you tend to think of us wizards as more accessible than in larger games, but I have better things to do than maintain a presence on these forums...This is not just about the forums, though. There's a general attitude going around that players need to have their question answered by a wizard and when they can't get that, some start to act like they are entitled to being able to get a wizard to answer them. It's ridiculous.