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We are at an "impass", gang.

After discussing it, we feel that it is time that you know as much as we do and you can make your decisions with that in mind.

We have had weeks and weeks of no replies or contact at all, or at best short emails with plans that were not carried through for whatever reason, with no updates/or info for us to give you

This is the message we got from Rhialto today.

"I have no status to report, other than it may not be back for months at this point. I need to cart the (heavy) server home, set it up, get the data off the disk, and then find a new place to host it.

Arilou and I are done being involved at this point. We feel that we've done all that we can.

I personally feel that R will let them game go if we don't continue to bother him.

We are waiting for him to be actively involved in the game again and honestly I do not forsee that happening.

Arilou will leave the forum up indefinitely for you to come and enjoy. But we will not be involved at this time.

So what you do from here is up to you.

Those that mentioned things about donating might want to let Rhialto know this information. We will not give out his personal info here in the forum, but it is not hard to find an email etc out in the great internet-land.

You can discuss all this amongst yourselves in other threads etc. I am not sure if you can reply here, but it's probably best not to so folks don't get lost that stop in only now and then.

It's been a great ride!