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Default Downtime

As you know, Rhialto took the game down to change the static IP and the game has remained down for longer than intended. Short story short, something broke while Rhialto was trying to fix a keyboard problem and that has caused it to remain down all this time. There are, at this time, no estimates on when it will be back and we will not be giving any. If, however, Rhialto assures us that he can get the game back up at a certain time, we will relay that.

We will also be using the forum to email you when the game comes back up so you won't have to lurk here if you don't want. To make sure you receive the email, check your profiles to make sure your email is up-to-date and if you do not currently have an account, make sure to sign up. If you have problems registering an account and you need some assistance you can, for now, use the game's contact email, ( but please make sure that you do not use that email for forum issues once the game returns (instead use in-game mail).